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GOLD PRICE (1 oz)*

*The indicative prices displayed are subject to change, and will be considered final at the time of purchase. Kinka accepts no liability for any loss suffered as a result of any action of any kind taken by any person based on information provided on this webpage.

Kinka Gold

Kinka is a gold-backed digital asset and each token is equivalent to one troy fine ounce of gold bullion held in vaults. Only London Good Delivery gold (gold that meets LBMA Good Delivery standards) or gold designated by the Osaka Exchange (which is regulated by Japan’s Financial Services Agency) is used to back Kinka.

Of all the gold-pegged tokens in circulation, Kinka is the highest quality gold token, only using gold bullion with an exceptional quality of 99.99% or higher.
Kinka is a token that conforms to ERC-20, a standard for tokens issued by the Ethereum blockchain, and is compatible with ERC-20-compliant contracts, exchanges, marketplaces, and wallets.

Secure and Compliant

Kinka's physical gold is held in bankruptcy-remote custody, separate from Kinka's assets, and managed by Gold Management LLC (GM).

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    Always redeemable:
    1 XNK for 1 oz of Gold

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    For business, non-profit and individuals everywhere

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    Competitive creation and redemption fees

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